Lumauto Proxy

1. Log in to your Luminati(brightdata) account, go to [Proxies] page to choose a zone, and click [Edit].

2. Copy username and password in the red box and save them, which might be used in the latter steps

3. [New Profile] -> [Single Import]

4. Select your desired browser, SunBrowser or FlowerBrowser(only for Pro plan currently).

5. Fill in Name (optional)

6. Select a group

7. Select User Agent (OS and browser version)

8. Proxy -> select proxy type as Lumauto(Luminati dynamic residential IP).

9. Proxy host and proxy port has been filled.

10. Paste the username and password of your Luminati(brightdata) account. Click the [Check Proxy] button.

10.1 “Connection test passed!” means this proxy is available.

10.2 “Connection test failed!” means there is no connection between your Internet and the proxy server. Please refer to to solve this problem.

You can go to [Team Management] -> [Global Settings] -> [Luminati dynamic residential proxy] and enter proxy information in the previous step into the red box shown below. After that you can tick the box [Use Luminati dynamic residential proxy in Global Settings] and don’t have to enter proxy information every time while creating profiles.

11. Fill in IP address which this account uses recently to log in. (optinal, the country information will be automatically filled in)

12. Select a country/region you want. (required)

13. Fill in the field of region. (optional)

14. Fill in the full name of a city you want. (optional)

15. Information -> Account Platform. Select the platform you want to access. If the drop-down box doesn’t contain the platform you need, you can select [other] to open a specified URL.

16. Fill in Username (the username of your account on the platform, optional)

17. Fill in Password (the password of your account on the platform, optional)

18. Fill in Cookies (optional)

Note: Please un-tick the [Check Duplicate] boxes.

19. Fill in Notes (optional)

20. Advanced.

Browser fingerprints are set by default, while you can change them. You will see Profile Summary in the right

21. Click the OK button to view the just created profile in the [Profile Management] page. Click the Open button to launch this browser.

22. Refer to the [Batch Import] chapter if you need to batch import profiles.