Profile Recycle Bin

Profile Recycle Bin

Note: Profile restoring is not available in the Base version, upgrade to the Pro version to restore profiles

Profile Recycle Bin can save profiles which are deleted in the past 7 days.

1. Allows to restore profiles deleted in the past 7 days. Example: if you delete 1 profile at 00:00:01 or 23:59:59 on 1st November, it is allowed to restore it before 24:00:00 on 7th November, otherwise it cannot be restored anymore.

2. Number of restored profiles plus created profiles in Profile Management page should no more than the profile number of your plan. Example: you can still create 17 profiles in Profile Management page, in this situation, you can restore only 17 profiles from Profile Recycle bin.

In Profile Recycle Bin, you can filter out profiles deleted in the past 7 days according to 8 dimensions: [Time], [Serial number], [Account ID], [Group], [Operator], [Name], [Account] and [Notes], see the picture below.

[Batch recovery]: Tick profiles -> Click on [Batch recovery] to restore selected profiles

[All recovery]: Click to restore all profiles in Profile Recycle Bin