Application Center

Allows users to use plugins to achieve high efficiency. Also, users can upload plugins to the center.

1. Amazon Order

>This plugin helps Amazon users see all amazon orders of a specific time on AdsPower.

1.1 Application Center-> Amazon Order-> Enable

1.2 Make sure the plugin is enabled

>Enter Amazon from AdsPower and you will see the plugin logo on the website navigation bar

1.3 View Amazon orders

>Data Report-> Amazon Order-> Select order time

>Able to view all Amazon orders details in a specific time, including order ID, order money, product image, product name, product price and so on.

2. FB Ads Report

2.1 Application Center-> FB Ads Report-> Enable

>Open a FB page on AdsPower and on the navigation bar you will see the plugin logo.

2.2 Go to Data Report-> FB Ads Report to view details

>Users can search by create time, Ad account status, group name, serial number and other conditions.

3. Paste as human

>Imitate human to register, log in, comment and so on.

4. Autofill

>If this plugin is enabled, account name and password will be filled on targeted platforms automatically (before this users should enter account name and password when importing account on AdsPower).

Note: Kernel version should be updated to v or above

5. Google Translate

5.1 Enable Google Translate

5.2 Make sure that Google API is enabled

>Path: Team Management-> Global Settings-> Google API

Method 1

Method 2