Information about Proxy providers

* AdsPower Browser supports the mainstream proxies (including IPv6), including Sock5/Http/Https/SSH.

Charge by Month Package

1. Bright Data (Luminati)

1)Static residential IP from $29/GB+$0.5/IP

2)Biggest IP pool with more than 70 million IP

3)Automatic match of dynamic Residential IP on AdsPower

4)Customer service

5)Lumauto / HTTP / HTTPS / Socks5

6) Static and dynamic proxytypes

2. KooKeey

1)Exclusive 25% off for AdsPower for the first time of purchase; 25% off for renewal for static proxies

2)Private proxy

4)Static residential IP of 8 countries, no limited traffic

5)Datacenters in 31 countries (southeast asian countries included)

6)Static and dynamic proxytypes


1)Click the link above, you will get an exclusive 30% discount for AdsPower when buying dynamic proxies. Contact the online support of IPIDEA to get a 20% discount for static proxies

2)Static residential IP from ¥25/IP/month.

3)Proxies from more than 220 countries/regions.

4. ipipgo

1)Exclusive discounts for AdsPower: 75% off for dynamic proxies(25/G/month). 40% off for static proxies.

2)Proxies from 240 contries and regions

3)1,500,000 proxies updated per day

4)Static and dynamic proxies

5. Oxylabs

1)Proxies from more than 100 countries

2)Automatic match of dynamic Residential IP on AdsPower

3)Customer service

4)Oxylabsauto / HTTP / HTTPS / Socks5

5) Static and dynamic proxytypes

Note: Use this promo code [ADSPOWERSUMMER25] to enjoy up to 25% discount when buying residential proxies and shared datacenter proxies.

Charge by Proxies


1) Static residential IP from $1.77/IP/month

2) IP of 49 countries and regions


4) Static proxy

2. Proxy-Seller

1)20% off with discount code 【ADSPOWER20】

2) Price from $0.76/IP/month

3)HTTP / HTTPS / Socks5

4)IP of 51 country

5) Static proxy


1)Price from $1.62/IP/month


3) IP of 69 countries

4) Static proxy

Charge by VPS

1. Alibaba Cloud


2. Tencent Cloud

1) Free trial for more than 90 products

2) SSH

3. AWS Cloud

1)3 free packages

2) SSH

4. Azure

1) Free trial for 12 months

2) SSH

Note: AdsPower doesn’t provide proxy service, we just collect all the information above and provide it for you. For details, please contact proxy providers.