Release notes



– Sunbrowser kernel updated to v. 92

– Compatible with Client Hints of newer version UA

– Process Check proxy of 【FB Automation】 optimized

– Process Bind credit card with personal number optimized

– RPA manual released

RPA Robot】

– Added operation option 【Get email】, which can get email verification code


– UX for Import optimized

– Allows to view profiles recovered from Profile Recycle Bin in Operation log->Profile Management section

– User agreement updated

– Allows to test functions of paid version for free



– Allows to close profiles in batch

– Proxy logic optimized

– Allows to synchronize Localstorge&indexedDB data

RPA Robot】

– Added more templates such as browse goods on etsy, likes on first month TikTok video

– Added operations such as Import Excel material, Exit loop

– Max. of task threads added to 50

– Allows to buy RPA packages based on duration (30 days, 90 days and so on)

Data Report】

– Allows to export data from Amazon Order


– Referral program update: up to 240% sales commission in total

– Updated login mechanism

– Added consumption details in Cost Center



– Device name: allows to custom device name

– Security lock: allows to set account whitelist

– allows to sync saved passwords when closing profiles

– Optimized other fingerprints and proxy setting methods

RPA Robot】

– Added more templates such as Join FB group, Comment and share FB video

– Added operations such as Close page and upload attachment

– Allows to create 30 task flows

– Optimized other operations


– Allows to close profiles in batch and sort

– Allows to restrict profiles to be imported for members

– Other optimization



– Added fingerprints like Device name

– Allows to generate UA randomly based on the operation system

– Allows to give a matched resolution based on UA

– Allows to sync password across devices

– Proxy process optimized

– Allows to execute RPA tasks in batch

【Local API】

– Allows to delete profile cache

【Data report】

– Allows to delete data in batch

【RPA Robot】

– Added a new template

– Allows to export process and share with others

– Other operation options optimized


– Functions in Operation log optimized

– Allows to withdraw bonus to PayPal



– Added fingerprints like ClientRect, Plugin and others

– Allows to generate a font randomly

– Browser version added up to 92

– Full access to Mobile browser

【Application center】

– Added extension Action recorder

【Local API】

– Allows to custom the launch parameter

– Allows to launch browser in headless mode

– Allows to disable function of password autofilling

【RPA Robot】

– Added more templates

– Added operation options like Get URL, Start s new browser, IF-ELSE

– Other optimization


– Allows to register by phone number

– Added a new function called Notification



– User Agent: allows to generate random UA based oon browser version

– Fixed incompatibility of some websites

– Proxy details page: style changed and geolocation given by more IP service providers

– Allows to prohibit members from saving password

– Proxy process optimized

【Data report】

– FB AccessToken: allows to show related UA and export

【Appication center】

– Extension Autofill: supports more websites

– Added extension Element Selector

【RPA Robot】

– New release


– Allows to bind phone number

– Added more payment methods like P24, SOFORT and IDEAL

– Term of use updated

– Other optimization



– Authorization by profiles

– Fingerprints like Hardware concurrency, Device memory, WenGL metadata added

– Allows to generate corresponding national language based on IP

– Allows to add more cookies

– Allows to custom cache limit

– Allows to search by serial number

– SunBrowser core updated to 88

【FB automation】

– Added functions Check token and Check consumption data

– Create page: allows to create post and close notification of the page

【Application center】

– Added extension Block Notification

– Added extension Autofill

【Local API】

– Allows to cooperate with Selenium and Puppeteer


– Profile Recycle Bin: allows to search by more conditions

– Referral Program update

– Operation log-Group management: added operation type Create

– Allows to pay by bank cards like VISA and MasterCard