Fill in account import template

Column nameOptional or notDescriptionNotes
nameYESNickname for the platform<100 symbols
usernameUsername of the profileRequired if there is no cookie
passwordPassword of the profile
cookieFormat: JSON/Netscape/Name=Value Should be start with “[” and end with “]” Too long cookie will be cut by Excel due to grid restriction
Proxy typeNO911s5, luminati, lumauto, http, https, socks5, noproxyall lowercase and no space
proxyFormat: host:port:proxy username:proxy passwordFor lumauto, you can  leave it blank and check Use the luminati dynamic residential proxy set by the enterpriseLuminati: static residential IPLumauto: dynamic residential IP
ipYESOriginal IP addressLeave it empty if you don’t have
Country codeYESAccount’s registration location 
uaYESA special string header that enables the server to identify the operating system and version, CPU type, browser version, browser rendering engine, browser language and so onEnter if you have your own ua
resolutionYESScreen resolution, leave it blank to use the resolution set by the system 
remarkYESAllows to add remark for imported profiles