Operating Documents

System Interface Introduction

  • Account Management

Account management is the core operation interface of AdsPower with operations like batch importing and exporting of accounts, opening FB pages and automatically creating and checking tasks.

  • Team Management

Team management includes cost center, permissions, operation log and global settings. Team management can display enterprise information, enterprise functions, and billing information; permission management can manage permissions authorization, including adding members, arranging roles for members and managing members.

  • Group Management

Manage groups, such as viewing group information, editing group and merging group.

  • Account Recycle Bin

Here users can recover data within the latest 7 days.

  • Task Management

Task management allows to view tasks details performed in account management, including task execution status, execution results, and status note of tasks performed by target accounts and merge group data.

  • Data Report

Here users can view details about Amazon orders, FB Ads and FB access token.

  • Material Management

Material management includes three material libraries: page material library, advertisement material library, and BM material library. Users enter or upload materials and the system will choose these materials randomly and automatically to create page, ads and BM.

  • Application Center

Application center integrates common used browser plugins, such as Amazon order, FB Advertising report, Google Translate, Autofill and so on. Besides, users can upload app they want to work more efficiently.

Automation Functions

  • Check Login Status: Get Login status
  • Check friends count: Get the number of friends of the personal account
  • Check FB advertising restriction status: Check the advertising restriction status of the FB account (not the status of the personal advertising account)
  • Check Daily Budget: Get personal advertising account (including name, ID, status), personal account daily budget, with/without personal advertising account
  • Check BM: Check if BM exists
  • Check BM Daily Budget: Get campaign-level daily budget for advertising accounts, supports Dutch IDEAL Euros, Indonesia Bank TRANSFER Indonesian Rupiah. After the execution, the daily budget or failure description will be displayed
  • Check Page: Get all page names (including ID, status)
  • Check token: Get FB Access Token
  • Close notification: Close notifications of tracking page module and advertisement management module of FB homepage. After the execution, it shows if it is successful to close notifications
  • Create BM: Create a BM account based on the BM material library. After the execution, it shows whether the BM creation is successful
  • Create page: Create a page based on the materials on the page material library. After the execution, it shows whether the page creation is successful
  • BM Invitation authorization: enter the number of BM invitation authorizations from 1 to 5. The system will select the first BM under the BM list for invitation authorization. Users who accept the invitation can manage the BM.