Account Management

1. Functions

>Filter area, allows users to search accounts by single or several conditions.

>When searching accounts by name, there will be two options to choose: Contains or Start with

>Operation area, allows users to import and export accounts, open and move, edit and delete, share accounts and other operations. Besides, here users can execute FB operations.

>Paging Area, contains the total account numbers, the current page and the total number of pages, users can quickly go to the target page and set account numbers to show on each page.

>List area, shows account details, create time and also FB operation status.

2. Operations

2.1 Single import

>Select an account platform from the drop-down list.

>Allow to check duplication according to account password, cookie and c_user (c_user only for Facebook)

>Enter name, account name/password (or cookie, enter at least one of them), select a group, for UA choose Browser Default, click OK to finish importing account

> When there is no target account platform from the account platform list, users can select Other from the bottom of the list and enter platform domain

> If users want to open the account and other pages in that browser at the same time, they can click Open URL specific and enter URL. If they want to add more URLs, click “+”.

2.2 Batch Import

>Click Download the template, enter necessary information in the template and drag the template to the uploading box

>Select an account platform and a group (or click New group to create a new group);

>Browser Fingerprint-User agent: click Acc. Random, choose browser version and click OK to finish batch importing.

2.3 Quick Import

> Enter import quantity, the remaining steps are the same as those for single import

Note: When using this method to import account, name, user account, user password and cookies are all empty, users should enter them in Account Management.

2.4 Edit Account

>Check one or several accounts, click Other and users can edit account notes, change country or region, modify agent and update account Info.

>Account remark edit page shows serial number and allows users to add additional remarks (Increase) or replace the past remark (Replace)

>Change country/region page allows users to change country/region, state/province and city for dynamic IP.

>Update acc. Info page allows users to batch update account information. For details, please see instructions.

2.5 Edit agent, browser fingerprint and account information

>Select an account (only for one account), under Account ID there will be 3 icons, which allow users to edit agent, browser fingerprint and account information.

>Modification agent: select proxy type from the drop-down list, enter all the information required, click Check proxy to check if the connection is successful.

>Click the fingerprint icon and there comes the browser fingerprint page, which allows users to change fingerprints information like timezone, location, language, UA, fonts and so on. For details, please see the description under every option.

>These options are advanced setting. Users can set them by default or according to different scenarios.

>When importing an account, click advanced setting to set.

>Click the third icon and there comes the account edit page, which allows users to change account platform, username, password and cookie.

> If users want to open the account and other pages in that browser at the same time, they can click Open URL specific and enter URL. If they want to add more URLs, click “+”.

>If users want to restore the cookie of the imported account, click Restore cookies

2.6 Batch export

>Allows users to export accounts according to time, group, page or other conditions

>Export the latest 2000 and save as Excel

>Select a specific group and export data

>Export according to account numbers on every page

>Export according to conditions set by users

2.7 Share Account

>Allows to share an account or several to others. E-mail refers to e-mail address of other AdsPower users who are using team collaboration version. Cannot share account to users of free version AdsPower.

>Allows to share proxy information and account remark. Besides, users can move the account to an existing group or a new created group.

2.8 Delete Account

>Allows to delete account chosen

>Confirm deletion and export backup.

>Deleted account will be transferred to account recycle bin. Users can recover data within the latest 7 days. For details, please see Account Recycle Bin.

2.9 Add another cookie

>Account Management-click the account editing icon

>Able to import cookie of 2 different websites at the same time

>Enter cookie information of 2 websites, then click OK

3 Automation

(Functions become available after subscribing, for details, please contact online customer service.)

3.1 FB check functions: check login status, number of added friends, homepage, FB advertising restriction status, daily budget and BM.

>Login status: status using cookie, account name/password to log in

>Friend count: Get the number of friends of the personal account

>FB advertising restriction status: Check the advertising restriction status of the FB account (not the status of the personal account advertising account)

>Daily Budget: allows to view the status of an personal advertising account and daily budget

>BM: allows to view daily budget of a BM and its status

>Homepage: allows to view homepage status

>Users can select items to check according to business type. When finishing checking, all the results will show on list area.

>Token: Get FB Access Token and consumption data

3.2 Operation functions: execute operations for accounts chosen, including create page, close notification, create BM, BM invitation authorization.

>Create page: create page according material library automatically (for details, see Material management)

>Close notification: close notification automatically

>Create BM: create page automatically according to material library (for details, please see Material Management)

>BM Invitation authorization: enter the number of BM invitation authorizations from 1 to 5. The system will select the first BM under the BM list for invitation authorization. Users who accept the invitation can manage the BM.

Other settings

>Allows to arrange serial number in ascending or descending order.

>Paging area setting

1 for updating the client or reloading, usually for AdsPower version updating

2 for updating or reloading the current Account management page

3 for customizing display column. In the left part check items to show on account management page, in the right part drag up and down to reorder.

4 for account setting, which allows to custom data cache category, auto delete cache setting and view system logs.

> Configure FB static resources to save traffic for visiting Facebook

>Local API allows users to read and write configuration information, start and close the browser,  query account and so on. For details, please see

Table header explanation on Account Management.

Serial number: generated automatically by system

Group: group that an account belongs to. Users can move an account to another group

Account platform/name: platform that an account logs in.

Open: click Open to open the profile

Account ID: unique ID, generated automatically by system

Account/password: account name and password

Acc. remark: allows to edit account information

Login status: account login status

Friends count: shows the number of added friend after finishing FB friends count

Page: shows if there is a page created

BM: shows if there is a BM created

BM invitation link: shows the result of invitation

Close notification: shows if the notification is closed

Personal Ad account: shows the Ad account name after finishing checking Ad account

FB advertising restriction status: shows Normal or Restricted after finishing checking FB advertising restriction status

Daily budget: directly shows daily budget after finishing daily budget checking. Hover over the place to see the whole information.

IP: IP address after using proxy service with country name shown.

Import time: time when every account imports