Group Management


Group management allows unified operation and management for groups,such as viewing, editing, exporting, combining, deleting, assigning and so on.

1. Group: Group name

2. Profiles included: the number of profiles in this group

3. Created time: when this group was created

4. Created by: who created this group

5. New Group

6. Custom Group name

7. More

7.1 Edit: Edit the group name and assigned users. You can search users qucikly.

7.2 Export: Export the data of this group(Maximum 2000 profiles). Also you can select which fields to export.

7.3 Combine: The merged group is owned by users of the original group. Proxy settings won’t be changed. The merged group will be deleted.

7.4 Share: Share all the profiles(account platform, username/password, cookies, fingerprints and IP) in this group. Fill in the email/phone number of the user you want to share with. System will create a new group for the shared profiles.

7.5 Pin: Pin this group on the top

7.6 Delete: Delete all the profiles in this group

8. Batch operation. Select groups to authorize or delete.