Group Management

1. Interface

2. Functions

2.1 Search

Users can enter keywords in the search box. After clicking Search, the system will automatically display the groups related to the keywords to help users quickly find the group;

2.2 New group

Method 1: while importing an account on Account Management, users can create new group for that account

Method 2: click New group on Group Management

If a user didn’t select group when importing accounts, then accounts belong to the group named Ungrouped, this name is set by system;

If a user wants to select group for an ungrouped account, the user can go to Account Management, select the account, move to a specific group and do some authorization settings.

2.3 Group Authorization

Allows to give one or several users access to one or several groups

Select the group-> click Group authorization-> select the user you want to authorize-> click OK

2.4 List area

>The list area includes table header and group data items. Clicking every item of one specific group, users can see more details about group login status. 

Group: the name of the group

Total number of group accounts: the total number of all accounts in a single group;

Total number of successful logins: total number of successful logins after checking the login status;

Total number of failed logins: the total number of login failures after checking the login status;

Created time: the time when the group is created

Create user/mailbox: the user who created the group

2.5 Specific Group Login Status

>Click on a group row to expand to see the specific login status of the group. 

2.6 Operation area

Edit: users can modify the group remark and agent software in the popped-up window;

Export: allows users to export accounts of one group (not supported in the Base version)

Merge: users can combine multiple groups into one group. The merged group is owned by the original group user and the group agent configuration is unchanged. The merged group will be deleted. 

Delete: click to delete the entire group data and confirm deletion in the popped-up window;

2.7 Paging area

Contains the total data number, the current page and the total page number, and the number of data displayed on each page. There are four options: 10, 20, 50 and 100.