Cost Center

Introduction:View details about your team, such as current balance, month fee, end date, renew, changes package, usage statistics and more.

1. Fee details

1.1 Current balance:Current balance on this account.

1.2 Cashback:Cashback can be used to pay for services except for FB automation functions.

1.3 Month fee:This part includes Package,FB Automation,Warehouse.

1.4 Recharge:Supported multiple payment methods, such as Alipay, WeChat, VISA, PayPal, bitcoin, USDT and so on.

1.5 Change package:Pick the plan your team needs and choose the package according to the quantity of profiles and additional members.

Note:For Upgrade ,(new plan cost- previous plan cost)*days till end date/30.

For Downgrade,the new package will take effect immediately and the price difference between them cannot be refunded.

2. Order Details

View details about the month fee

3. Usage statistics

3.1 This part includes the end date, the number of profiles and users that have been used, limit of opening and importing, etc.

3.2 Number of opening:Open limit per day=Browser profiles*10

3.3 Number of importing:importing limit per day=Browser profiles*10

3.4 Amazon order storage number:Consistent with the number of profiles in your package

3.5 FB advertising data storage number:Consistent with the number of profiles in your package

3.6 FB AccessToken storage number:Consistent with the number of profiles in your package