Introduction of Operation

  1. Download the client

Download the client to the local, open the AdsPower.exe client in the folder after decompression and log in;

  1. Upgrade trial package

The initial login version is a personal free version, including 1 user and 5 browser environments. If you need to upgrade the trial version, please click “free upgrade” in the lower right corner of the client and fill in the corresponding information;

  1. Open multiple independent environment fingerprint browsers

Startup instructions: When configuring the proxy environment for the browser, proxy settings are required. Proxy settings can right-click the client’s “startup instructions” in the tray icon, and view the corresponding configuration and fill requirements according to the proxy used;

Import account: In the account management interface, click the “Import” button to import your account, please enter the account information. Can be batch / single import, please read the template description carefully for bulk import, and fill in the proxy information according to your proxytpe (proxy type). Please complete the information as much as possible. If there is no ip information, click “use country code” to select the country where the ip is located;

Browser fingerprint: If there are no special requirements, please use the default options provided by AdsPower;

Open the browser: After importing the account, click “Open” to open each browser in an independent environment. Open multiple accounts to open the corresponding number of independent browsers, enter the URL you want to enter in the corresponding browser;

  1. Automatic operation (for FB account)

Material perfection: (If you only do the checking operation, you can skip this step) After importing the account, you can complete the material you need in “material management”. If you need to use BM address materials, you can directly use AdsPower to provide materials when operating in “Account Management”, which is faster and easier;

Automatic operation: Facebok automatic operation is mainly divided into “check” and “operation”. After checking the corresponding account, click the check or operation button to select the corresponding automation task;

Task management: After creating a task, you can click on the “task management” page to refresh and view the completion status and deduction of each task, as well as the screenshot description of the completion status of each task;