Package Subscribe

  • How to buy a package

The package is divided into individual free version and team collaboration version. In addition, the automated package can choose from two payment models: volume and monthly. You can go to the interface to check the specific package charges. If you need to purchase a package, please contact customer service to upgrade the package. The system supports self-service recharge.

The teamwork package and the automation package are billed separately, and they are not included with each other. You can subscribe to the team collaboration version separately to open an independent environment fingerprint browser, or you can subscribe to the automation package on the basis of at least one user.

  1. Personal Free Version

After self-registration, you can use the permanent free version, including 1 user and 2 browser environments;

  1. Team Collaboration Version

After the monthly recharge, you can customize the team version that specifically uses the number of users according to your needs. The more users, the unit price at the end of the month, you can freely increase or decrease the number of users to calculate the monthly package cost.

  1. Automation Package

Calculation by volume: the cost is calculated according to the number of task executions. The specific unit price is described in detail in the internal automated price interface of the system, using the AdsPower public server;

Calculation by month: $199 monthly package fee, unlimited use of automation, using dedicated server presented by AdsPower;