Release notes

October 2022 (V4.10.18)


–Full supported for Firefox core-based FlowerBrowser

–SunBrowser upgraded to version 105 Chrome core

–FlowerBrowser added and fingerprinting

–User Agent updated to version 106

–User Agent filtering by system version is supported


–Expanded the number of steps in the process to 1000

–RPA process sharing is supported


–New dark mode, content display more clearly

–Updated [Referral Program] to meet more promotion scenarios

–Sharing profile by is supported

–For upgrade package can enjoy more discount

–Supported for refreshing IP in profile list (only for proxies with refresh URLs configured)

–Added [tag] feature, and supported profile category management



–Compatible with cookie formats with upper and lower case initials

–Supported IPv6 proxy type

–Added WebRTC replacement mode in FlowerBrowser

–Supported disabling image and video loading to save proxy traffic


–Added new price plan with bigger discount


–Added [Proxy Management] function, easy to configure common proxies

–Added VKontakte registration and login method

–Added SberPay, Tinkoff, Alfa-Click, Qiwi, MIR, CapitaList, Vietinbank and other payment methods


【 Browser 】

–Supported Firefox core (only available in Pro package).

–Adjusted the option of [Account Platform] to optional.

–Fixed recent known bugs.

【 RPA 】

–Updated templates for [FB: confirm friends requests], [FB: invite friends to like on specific page], [Like on FB post], [Browse goods on Mercari], [Like on specific tiktok video], etc.

–Supported variables for [Drop-down selector] and [Upload attachment].

–Supported variables for serial number of the account in [New browser].

–Supported random order for [Get element data].

【 Others 】

–Supported payment method [мир].

–Added authenticator binding feature, supported two-factor authentication by binding email, phone number and autherticator.

–Supported for setting additional members’ permissions to run, modify, and delete RPA processes in [Management-Permission].

–Added [Disable loading images] feature in [Global Settings].

–Supported export grouping fields.

2022/07 (v4.7.28)

【 MilkyWay 】

–New style, new experience.

–Changed the former “Create” to “New Profile”, and adjusted the entrance to make it more convenient to work.

–In the “New Profile” page, added “Profile Summary” module on the right side to quickly understand the browser’s fingerprint settings.

–Adjusted the entrance of “Referral Promotion”.

–Adjusted the entrance of “My Account” page.

【Application Center】

–Supports updating extensions with Google Store URL.


–Supports short-term paid trial.

–Solved the problem that audio cannot be played in

2022/06 (v4.6.30)


–Optimized browser components to reduce the memory footprint.

–Bug fixes and improvements.


–Fixed the variable storage problem of “For loop” element.

【Application Center】

–Upload extensions from Chrome Web Store URL.


–Supports devices with Apple silicon(M1) for a smoother experience.

–New withdrawal method in referral program: Capitalist.

–Fixed the autofill problem.

–New payment methods: YooMoney and Vietinbank.

–Optimized the payment process, accepted multiple payment methods.

2022/05 (V4.5.25)


–Optimized startup logic of profiles


–Added two-factor authentication to offer greater security. (Team Management->Global Settings)

–Launched [Free Plan] for our users to experience more features for free

–Bug fixes and performance improvements



–Supported to open profiles with different browser cores

【IP Service】

–Added [Zone IPv6]


–Added [Arrow Up], [Arrow Down], [Arrow Left], [Arrow Right] and other operation options in [Keyboard Operation]


–Added new payment methods [ETH] and [USD Coin]
–Fixed other known problems

2022/03 (V4.3.31)


–Sun browser core has been updated to 99

–Added fingerprint [MAC Address]

–The browser version has been updated to Chrome 100

【IP Service】

–Short-term shared proxies are available

–Allows to view the profiles bound with purchased proxies

【FB Automation】

–Optimized function [Check FB homepage]

–Optimized function [Binding credit card with personal number]


–New pricing system provides more choices of plans which is right for you

–Added new payment method [USDT(TRC20)]

–Fixed other known problems



–The browser version has been updated to Chrome 98

–“Change” button added to quickly change Device Name

  • Create a profile – Advanced settings – Device Name

【RPA Robot】

–Allows to export Excel files with the help of RPA

–Limit of RPA process steps has been increased from 100 to 200

–Get mail KEY has been fixed

–Newly RPA templates: FB Post Sharing and Like on Tik Tok Homepage Videos

【 Application Center】

–Support more extensions(up to 30)


–Fixed other known problems

2022.01 (V4.1.20)


–Fix known problems of functions [Refresh URL]

–Profile sharing:allows to share one profile to the same AdsPower account repeatedly

‒Allows to search by [Proxy Type]

【RPA Robot】

–Optimized RPA startup process

Application Center】

–Fixed problem of repeated installation of extension

–Allows to synchronize extension data (Team Management – Global Settings)


–Allows to add notes for member accounts


–Proxy auto-configuration: optimized proxy auto-matching logic (Available for 911S5 only)

–Web page translation: allows to set web page translation (Team Management – Global Settings)

–Fixed other known problems

2021/12 (V3.12.17)


–Added the new function [Change IP URL] for mobile proxies

–Allows to enable Developer mode while using Mobile OS

–Allows to translate web pages without installing Google Translate

–Increased speed to connect proxy servers

【Local API】

–Added prompt messages

–Fixed known problems


–Change [Security lock] to [Multi Device mode]

–Released version (64-bit) to reduce memory usage for Windows 10 (64-bit)

–Allows to pay via QIWI

–Optimized length for username and password

–Released AdsPower Global

2021/11 (V3.11.24)


–Added fingerprint [SpeechVoices]

–Added iOS for mobile OS

–Compatible with higher versions of Useragent

–Optimized process to connect 911s5 proxies

–Passed check on and

–Added useragent of browser version 96

【Application center】

–Optimized [FB Ad Report]

【FB automation】

–[Bind credit card with personal number]: allows to configure Zip Code


–Allows to share platform name

–Release [Year-End Sale]

–[Global Settings]: allows to set IP segment in [Login IP Allowlist]

–Referral program: allows to withdraw ref via【Webmoney】

–Optimized software launch speed



–Sunbrowser kernel updated to v. 92

–Compatible with Client Hints of newer version UA

–Process Check proxy of 【FB Automation】 optimized

–Process Bind credit card with personal number optimized

–RPA manual released

【RPA Robot】

–Added operation option 【Get email】, which can get email verification code


–UX for Import optimized

–Allows to view profiles recovered from Profile Recycle Bin in Operation log->Profile Management section

–User agreement updated

–Allows to test functions of paid version for free



–Allows to close profiles in batch

–Proxy logic optimized

–Allows to synchronize Localstorge&indexedDB data

【RPA Robot】

–Added more templates such as browse goods on etsy, likes on first month TikTok video

–Added operations such as Import Excel material, Exit loop

–Max. of task threads added to 50

–Allows to buy RPA packages based on duration (30 days, 90 days and so on)

【Data Report】

–Allows to export data from Amazon Order


–Referral program update: up to 240% sales commission in total

–Updated login mechanism

–Added consumption details in Cost Center



–Device name: allows to custom device name

–Security lock: allows to set account whitelist

–allows to sync saved passwords when closing profiles

–Optimized other fingerprints and proxy setting methods

【RPA Robot】

–Added more templates such as Join FB group, Comment and share FB video

–Added operations such as Close page and upload attachment

–Allows to create 30 task flows

–Optimized other operations


–Allows to close profiles in batch and sort

–Allows to restrict profiles to be imported for members

–Other optimization



–Added fingerprints like Device name

–Allows to generate UA randomly based on the operation system

–Allows to give a matched resolution based on UA

–Allows to sync password across devices

–Proxy process optimized

–Allows to execute RPA tasks in batch

【Local API】

–Allows to delete profile cache

【Data report】

–Allows to delete data in batch

【RPA Robot】

–Added a new template

–Allows to export process and share with others

–Other operation options optimized


–Functions in Operation log optimized

–Allows to withdraw bonus to PayPal



–Added fingerprints like ClientRect, Plugin and others

–Allows to generate a font randomly

–Browser version added up to 92

–Full access to Mobile browser

【Application center】

–Added extension Action recorder

【Local API】

–Allows to custom the launch parameter

–Allows to launch browser in headless mode

–Allows to disable function of password autofilling

【RPA Robot】

–Added more templates

–Added operation options like Get URL, Start s new browser, IF-ELSE

–Other optimization


–Allows to register by phone number

–Added a new function called Notification



–User Agent: allows to generate random UA based oon browser version

–Fixed incompatibility of some websites

–Proxy details page: style changed and geolocation given by more IP service providers

–Allows to prohibit members from saving password

–Proxy process optimized

【Data report】

–FB AccessToken: allows to show related UA and export

【Appication center】

–Extension Autofill: supports more websites

–Added extension Element Selector

【RPA Robot】

–New release


–Allows to bind phone number

–Added more payment methods like P24, SOFORT and IDEAL

–Term of use updated

–Other optimization



–Authorization by profiles

–Fingerprints like Hardware concurrency, Device memory, WenGL metadata added

–Allows to generate corresponding national language based on IP

–Allows to add more cookies

–Allows to custom cache limit

–Allows to search by serial number

–SunBrowser core updated to 88

【FB automation】

–Added functions Check token and Check consumption data

–Create page: allows to create post and close notification of the page

【Application center】

–Added extension Block Notification

–Added extension Autofill

【Local API】

–Allows to cooperate with Selenium and Puppeteer


–Profile Recycle Bin: allows to search by more conditions

–Referral Program update

–Operation log-Group management: added operation type Create

–Allows to pay by bank cards like VISA and MasterCard